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Critique: Colome Estate Wines (Release in the Winter of 2024)

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Critique: Colome Estate Wines (Release in the Winter of 2024)

At first glance, most people do not instantly think of Salta as a location that produces wine from Argentina. It would appear that Cuyo, and Mendoza in particular, are the most prominent topics of discussion; nonetheless, the modest land located in the north quietly produces wines that are as captivating and showcase the country’s diverse terroir. Colomé is one of those vineyards that proudly displays its Salta heritage, and today we get the opportunity to get a taste of three of its most recent products as well as a wine that was produced not too long ago.

Malbec from the Colomé Estate, 2021

As was to be expected, this has a strong presence of blackberry and red fruit, but it is also delicately balanced by graphite and faint floral notes in the glass. When it comes to the palate, the dark fruit core is gradually surrounded by spice, oak, and black pepper, which helps maintain the moderate acidity and large tannin intensity. There is a significant amount of heat provided by the drying finish, which is kept together by hints of leather and black cherry, yet it never gets boring or overpowering. This year’s Malbec continues the Estate label’s track record of consistency without losing complexity and balance. It is without a doubt one of the greatest Argentine Malbecs that can be obtained at this price range, regardless of where you are located.

Malbec from the Colomé Estate, 2018

Following my initial encounter with Colomé Estate, I decided to purchase a second bottle with the intention of returning to it in the year 2022. A lot of time and memory went by, and judging by the outcomes, it appears that I may have let it to rest for a little bit too long. Blackberry, pepper, and wood are the three flavours that are typically associated with Estate wines, and this one is no exception. On the other hand, it is lacking in some of the complexity that made the first bottle of this vintage such a wonderful experience to savour. The black fruit dominates the earthier aspects throughout the whole bottle. Despite this, the bottle is still rather lovely.

Colomé Auténtico Malbec, the year 2021

And now for something a little bit different: a 100% Malbec from the top vineyards in Colomé, but unlike the Estate offering, it has been matured for ten months in the tank and ten months in the bottle. While the Estate is a combination of grapes grown in a variety of soils and elevations, this particular offering comes from a single vineyard. At first, there is a strong presence of blackberry, and there are also hints of violet, graphite, and anise. The flavour is a little unstable, but it ultimately becomes more stable. Fig, tobacco leaf, and mocha all compete with one another to make their way through the dark fruit in order to provide some subtlety and balance to the flavour profile. Although the finish is dry, the tannins and black fruit fade away in a way that is not overly harsh during the process. Because it demonstrates how sophisticated and polished a Malbec can be without an excessive dependence on oak ageing, this one was a lot of joy to keep around for an evening in the middle of winter when I was alone myself.

The Colomé Torrontés of 2023

A Torrontés is the next item on the agenda, which is an entirely distinct dish. in spite of the fact that it is not a full surprise, it is nevertheless greatly appreciated. This year’s Torrontés are made entirely from Torrontés, in contrast to previous vintages, which included a certain amount of Riesling as a mix. Grapefruit, jasmine, peach, and lemon zest are some of the notes that flow throughout the fragrance, which is quite fragrant from the very beginning. Up until the long and sharp conclusion, where the herbal components cut through a little bit more, the intensity is present consistently throughout the whole experience. An unexpectedly wonderful twist once the malbecs had been enjoyed.

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