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An analysis of the wines produced by Villa Gemma and Marina Cvetic

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An analysis of the wines produced by Villa Gemma and Marina Cvetic

Even though Gianni Masciarelli has passed away, they have continued to work towards the goal of ensuring that the Abruzzo area of Italy is a source of high-quality wines that span a wide range of varietals. This is something that they have been doing since he went away. Marina Cvetic, who is married to Gianni Masciarelli, and Miriam Lee, who is their daughter, have continuously worked towards the achievement of this objective. Gianni Masciarelli was a character that was well-known and revered throughout the entire region of Abruzzo during his time. In this article, we take a look at the most current wines that the company has produced and discuss their characteristics. Wines that have been made under the labels Villa Gemma and Marina Cvetic are included in this collection of wines. The range of types that are represented in the wines is rather extensive, ranging from fruit-forward roses to inky, heavy reds.

Gemma Bianco at Villa Gemma It is the Colline Teatine IGT.

Trebbiano, pecorino, and cococciola are the constituents of this white mix, which is large and exceedingly delicious. There is a profusion of white blossoms, as well as the aroma of freshly picked apples and lemon curd. A wonderful buy for the money, it has a floral scent without being excessively fragrant, and it is a wonderful purchase. There is a significant amount of minerality in the wine, which is one of the reasons why it is purifying. The wine also contains a lot of oxygen. One is left with a taste that is reminiscent of citrus fruit after drinking the wine. The versatility of this wine allows it to be enjoyed both on its own and in conjunction with formal meals. It is a delightfully exciting journey, and the beverage is a wine that can be savoured in either of its two possible forms.

In the region of Abruzzo, Villa Gemma Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Superiore Rose DOC

The flavour of this rose that is made from Montepulciano is exceptionally subtle, despite the fact that it has a very dark tint. The citrus peel and strawberries that are present on the palate are a delightful mix, and as the drink nears its conclusion, a Meyer lemon note that is more distinct is beginning to emerge. The wine has a finish that is fairly tannic, which gives it some gravity and makes it feel more fitting as a companion to good cuisine than it does when it is taken on its own. This characteristic is what gives the wine its name. In terms of alcohol content, it is 14%. The rose is something you ought to be ready for. When I served it with a tofu stir fry that had been seasoned with salt and pepper, I found that the combination turned out to be really tasty. An exquisite rose that is appropriate for a more “serious” occasion of some kind.

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Riserva DOC from Marina Cvetic, a wine from Abruzzo

When paired with guava, gooseberry, and a more subtle almond note, the wine is a dry white wine with a trace of saltiness that works nicely with these flavours. It is a delicious blend of elements. The level of sharpness that the wine possesses is sufficient to warrant its classification as a white wine. Lemon curd notes are infused into the wine’s finish, which is smooth and lasting, thanks to the wine’s moderate acidity, which keeps everything moving in the right direction. In spite of the fact that the fruit that is present can be considered as being very amazing, this is the case. In spite of the fact that the fruit is available, this is the circumstance that is currently taken into account. Even though it is possible to consume this wine on its own, it is most enjoyable when it is served as a natural complement to the flavours of seafood preparations. Due to the fact that it can be consumed on its own before any other beverage, this wine possesses a high degree of adaptability.

The Marina Cvetic Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva DOC is a wonderful wine.

As a result of the fact that currants and bittersweet chocolate make up the majority of the wine’s flavour profile, it is an incredibly luscious and sumptuous wine. It is not long before the layers of figs become apparent, bringing with them a chewy and slightly austere aspect to the overall experience. This impression is not lost on the palate. At the same time that they prepare the groundwork for a finish that is slightly tannic and woodsy, they evoke the spirit of a joyous meal. The fade-out, which acts as a thread that binds the fruit to the barrel, brings to the forefront a reprise of dark chocolate and umami-rich mushroom tastes. This serves as a thread that has been there since the beginning. Both of these tastes are brought to the foreground, in their appropriate positions. Taking into consideration the price point, this is an outstanding deal that the customer simply cannot pass up.

This is the DOC version of the Villa Gemma Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

The aromas of raspberry and cherry are prevalent in this wine, which manages to strike a delicate yet sharp balance between the more austere and tannic characteristics and the exuberant fruitiness. The wine has a high concentration of flavours of cherry and raspberry. It has a layer of dark chocolate, which gives it a character that is reminiscent of a fireplace in the winter, and it makes its way all the way to notes of tea leaf and black raspberry. Moreover, there is a coating of dark chocolate involved. The entirety of it is well-balanced and aesthetically beautiful. If it is prepared with a thick cut of roast beef, this may still be able to strike the spot in today’s world, despite the fact that it is heavy at the same time as it is approachable. It is my view that it would be appropriate to let the wine sit in the bottle for a few more years beyond the current time frame.

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