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6-Beer Tasting Review: Sun King Brewery

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6-Beer Tasting Review: Sun King Brewery

A large number of new beers have been brought back by our friends at Sun King, which is located in the state of Indiana. The majority of this batch is made up of India Pale Ales (IPAs), and among the other beers, there are several that are designed around caramel of some form. You will fully get what we are referring about as we go to dive more into the specifics. Should we crack open some cans, if you don’t mind?

Surf Lessons with the Sun King IPA

This robust IPA is sweet and almost syrupy at times due to the inclusion of tangerine, coconut, and pineapple in the brewing process. This is because of the combination of these three ingredients. Three of the tastes are successful in this context, but only two of them are. The coconut thickens almost immediately, which takes over the experience and resulting in a beer that tastes more like a dessert that you would have at an Indian restaurant than something that I would like to smash at the beach. This is the effect of the coconut becoming thick. It is possible that this will be a winner that gets right in your face if you remove the coconut from the recipe. There is a 7.8% abv..

An IPA made with Sun King Turtle Thunder Hazy

Hops from the Southern Hemisphere are used to create this peculiar haze. The results are intriguing, despite the fact that they are not fully developed. An assault that is slightly gummy is characterised by guava notes that are combined with Mexican candy, which is excessively sweet and vaguely connected to fruit, and then concludes with a chewy, malty sound. In spite of having a strong body and a finish that has some lemon-orange flavours, it never quite comes across as being like any other hazy that I’ve had to this point… However, I haven’t been drinking them in the region south of the equator, so what can I say about that? The abv is 6.4%.

A Hazy IPA from Sun King called All Them Llamas

brewed with “experimental hops,” and the manufacture of the beer did not involve any llamas being mistreated in any way. In the beginning, there is a strong peach flavour, and the creamy affair has some lemon overtones that give it a custard-like texture. Sunny and delicious. There is a good balance of bitterness with the vivid fruit ingredients, and the strength of the peach flavour offers a composition that is one of a kind. The abv is 7.4%.

The Keller Haze IPA from Sun King

This pleasant and juicy beer contains outstanding pineapple overtones atop a chewy (but not unduly “hazy”) backbone throughout its design, which is boldly tropical but otherwise uncomplicated. The design was influenced by the German kellerbier style. In the end, the fruit fades away, revealing a more traditional IPA bitterness, along with hints of heather and new wheat. The aftertaste is characterised by a trace of piney, mushroom-infused funk. To put it another way, it is exquisitely balanced and was the most enthusiastic crowd-pleaser of this sextet, with the crowd in question being me. The abv is 6.3%.

The Caramel Corn from Sun King

To put it simply, this red ale, which is aptly titled, is brewed with caramel corn, and that is precisely what it tastes like: Caramel that has been liquefied and is incredibly sweet, providing the malty base with a substantial amount of sweetness. In addition to having a flavour that is so close to that of diabetes, it is difficult to ingest more than modest dosages, and the finish has a level of sweetness that is so sweet that it triggers toothaches. It would be dishonest of me to say that this beer did not had a certain twisted allure; yet, I do not feel obligated to partake in this experience more than once. The abv is 5.4%.

Tripel of Caramel Apples for the Sun King

A “malt beverage” that has been matured in rum barrels and has natural flavours. This abomination has a flavour that is reminiscent of what may occur if you were to let an apple pie out to fester for a few weeks, then mix it up and put it in a bottle. The name accurately describes the substance. If not for the amazing sweetness that this beer possesses, the bruising 13.2% alcohol by volume would be enough to hit you in the face. In the event that something is supposed to be done in a “Belgian style,” it did not turn out that way: In the style of Belgian waffles, or perhaps in the style of IHOP. Apples, a pie crust, caramel sauce, and brown sugar are the ingredients. The beer, however. It is clear to you now. The abv is 13.2%.

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