Top 10 tourist place in los angeles

Hollywood Walk of Fame: Stroll amidst stars, capture iconic landmarks, and soak in the glamour of Hollywood's entertainment legacy.

Griffith Observatory: Marvel at celestial wonders, enjoy panoramic views, and delve into space exploration at this iconic hilltop observatory.

Disneyland Resort: Experience magical adventures, thrilling rides, and beloved characters in the enchanting world of Disney.

Santa Monica Pier: Indulge in beachside fun, enjoy classic amusements, and witness stunning sunsets at this historic coastal landmark.

Getty Center: Immerse yourself in art, architecture, and scenic gardens while overlooking LA's sprawling cityscape.


Venice Beach Boardwalk: Soak in the eclectic vibe, street performers, and bohemian atmosphere of this iconic coastal stretch.

Universal Studios Hollywood: Step into the world of movie magic, enjoy thrilling rides, and explore immersive attractions at this famed film studio.

Malibu's El Matador Beach: Escape to serene shores, explore scenic rock formations, and relax amidst natural beauty in Malibu.

The Getty Villa: Discover ancient Mediterranean art, architecture, and lush gardens in this opulent villa reminiscent of a Roman estate.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA): Explore diverse art collections, iconic installations, and cultural exhibitions in this renowned museum.