The 8 World's Most Dangerous Places

Hawaii The Big Island of Hawaii is a popular honeymoon destination, so its danger may surprise you. Kilauea is under danger of toxic gas, fissures, lava flows, and earthquakes due to a volcano eruption. Special airline offers may appear, but reconsider this flight. Even in scary places, these travel cartoons will bring some humor!

Acapulco This Pacific coast Mexican beach resort is no longer a white-sand party spot. With a Level 4 travel advisory, Gobbels compares it to Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Why so risky? The murder capital of the country, it has hundreds of open-air gangs. Many parts of Mexico are still secure, so here are some great places to travel.

The Middle East and Israel Recent violence and instability surrounding the U.S. embassy's move to Jerusalem make the neighborhood dangerous. Even while the embassy opening event seemed joyous, violent protests broke out 50 kilometers away in Gaza. Many people visit to one of the holiest places in the world, but the State Department advises caution.

Brazil Brazil has 17 of the 50 most hazardous cities, according to Gobbels advises staying alert and safe if you go. "Crime is rampant in the cities, and you need to be especially careful if you travel anywhere outside the main tourist areas." Your health may be at risk: Water contamination is a hazard when visiting beaches, even Ipanema.


Malaysian Borneo This island in Southeast Asia's Malay Archipelago has beautiful beaches, a lush rainforest, and leopards and orangutans. Politics make the views perilous, despite their beauty. Dive places on the island are perilous, and the election season in early May triggered kidnapping threats. Here are 11 solo travel safety tips.

Madagascar Madagascar has a lower crime rate than other African nations. However, political unrest has raised unemployment, which leads to robberies and muggings. Particularly in crowded places like airports and street markets. RN7, RN27, RN10, and RN1B travelers are also experiencing more violent highway robberies, including car theft.

Cairo, Egypt The Thomson Reuters Foundation found Cairo to be the most unsafe city for women. Gobbels says sexual violence and cultural expectations make this place problematic for inhabitants and visitors, even when political tensions are reducing. Despite many women's rights organizations' efforts, street security is taking time to establish.

The City of Guatemala The U.S. State Department issues a Level 3 travel advisory for this Central American nation south of Mexico. Avoid because to political tensions, poverty, drug trafficking, carjacking, and armed robbery. Due to city and border gangs, violent crime—including sexual assault and murder—is prevalent.