The 10 coldest cities in the United States

Barrow, Alaska: Frozen FrontiersBraving the Arctic chill, Barrow embraces its status as the northernmost city in the U.S., with average lows plunging to a staggering -14°F.

International Falls, Minnesota:  Icebox of the NationEarning its frigid moniker, this Minnesota gem boasts temperatures dipping to -40°F, testing the resilience of its residents year-round.

Fargo, North Dakota: Frosty FablesNestledin the heart of the Northern Plains, Fargo endures bitter winters with lows averaging -20°F, crafting a wintry narrative like no other.

Fairbanks, Alaska:  Arctic AnecdotesAlaska's second-largest city, Fairbanks, confronts subzero temperatures averaging around -18°F, painting a picturesque yet chilling landscape.

Williston, North Dakota: Winter's EmbraceWith average lows hovering near -5°F, Williston braves the frozen plains, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the American Midwest.


Duluth, Minnesota: Frozen FantasiesPerched on Lake Superior's icy shores, Duluth battles subzero temperatures of -6°F, embodying the essence of a true winter wonderland.

Grand Forks, North Dakota: Frostbitten FablesEnduring frosty lows of -13°F, Grand Forks narrates tales of resilience amidst the frigid embrace of the Northern Plains.

Caribou, Maine: Arctic AllegoriesEmbracing its northernmost status in New England, Caribou braves icy temperatures averaging -4°F, etching tales of winter's enduring grip.

Bangor, Maine:  Frosty FablesNestled amid Maine's snowy landscapes, Bangor withstands bitter winters with lows around 10°F, epitomizing the state's icy allure.

Bismarck, North Dakota: Winter's WritingsFacing winter's icy breath, Bismarck encounters lows averaging -6°F, crafting a chilling saga amid the plains of North Dakota.