Groundhog day 2024 : A celestial ballet of shadows

Phil's Burrow Upgrade: – In a nod to the digital age, Phil's burrow receives a whimsical upgrade. Equipped with a miniature weather station and a tiny augmented reality screen

Shadow Analysis Extravaganza: – The shadow analysis takes on an extravagant flair. Accompanied by a quirky ensemble of meteorologists, Punxsutawney Phil engages in a celestial ballet to analyze the shadow intricacies

Community-Generated Weather Predictions: – Embracing community spirit, locals and visitors contribute their own weather predictions. A digital community board, set up in Gobbler's Knob

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Augmented Reality Weather Parade: – An augmented reality weather parade transforms the streets of Punxsutawney into a whimsical spectacle

Shadow Puppet Workshops for Kids: – Kids engage in shadow puppet workshops where they craft their own groundhog-themed puppets. These miniature groundhogs, when illuminated

AR-Enhanced Groundhog Bingo: – Groundhog Bingo takes an augmented reality twist. Participants equipped with AR devices embark on a quest to spot groundhog-related items in the town

Virtual Groundhog Day Time Capsule: – The creation of a virtual Groundhog Day time capsule allows participants to contribute digital artifacts, messages, and predictions

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