Five better chest-building workouts than push-ups

Among the most effective bodyweight workouts is the humble push-up, which doesn't even need any special equipment. 

Incline push up

We know this is only a variant on the push-up, but we can assure you that doing them at an angle is far less challenging than the standard version,

Because it works the same muscles as push-ups but emphasizes the chest rather than the arms and shoulders, it's a great substitute for push-ups. 

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High plank

The plank is a great bodyweight exercise that strengthens your core, but it also works your shoulders, legs, forearms, and chest. 

 As the high plank positions you to perform push-ups, it's an excellent exercise for perfecting your form (should you be so inclined). 

Dumbbell chest press

This time-honored strength training move is a favorite among powerlifters and bodybuilders for its ability to strengthen the core, shoulders, triceps, and chest. 

You can perform it on a weight bench, but if you don't have one, you can also do it on the floor, which is much simpler because your range of motion is reduced. 

Seated shoulder press

The sitting shoulder press is a great exercise for the triceps and upper chest, in addition to the deltoids.

Sitting makes it easier than standing since your core doesn't have to support you as much when your back, shoulders, and glutes are stable.

Chest dips

An excellent substitute for push-ups, chest dips work the same group of muscles (chest, shoulders, and triceps). You can use a resistance band to make them simpler

 You can then progress to using only your bodyweight, and finally, a weight belt. To execute this at home, you'll need two flat surfaces.

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