Facts about Autumn season in USA

Fall Foliage: – One of the highlights of autumn is the changing colors of the leaves. In the northern states and mountainous regions, deciduous trees such as maples, oaks, and birches display brilliant hues of red, orange, and yellow.

Harvest Season: – Autumn is traditionally associated with the harvest season. In agricultural areas, you'll find farmers harvesting crops like apples, pumpkins, corn, and grapes. Many regions celebrate harvest festivals and events during this time.

Cooler Temperatures: – As summer transitions to fall, temperatures generally begin to drop. Cooler, crisp air becomes more prevalent, making it a comfortable time for outdoor activities without the intense heat of summer.

Autumn Festivals: – Various autumn festivals take place across the country, celebrating everything from apples and pumpkins to cultural traditions. For example, Oktoberfest celebrations, apple festivals, and Halloween events are popular during this season.

Outdoor Activities: – Autumn is a popular time for outdoor activities. Hiking, camping, apple picking, and visiting pumpkin patches are common autumn pastimes.


Thanksgiving: – The Thanksgiving holiday is a central part of autumn in the United States. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, it marks a time for family gatherings, feasting, and expressing gratitude.

Sports Events: – Autumn is a significant season for sports in the U.S. Professional and college football seasons are in full swing, and baseball playoffs occur. Sports fans often embrace the fall season with enthusiasm.

Migration of Wildlife: – Autumn also sees the migration of various bird species, making it an excellent time for birdwatching in certain areas. Monarch butterflies are known to migrate to Mexico during this season.