"Don’t you ever say that I did the same thing" The contrast between Shaq and Kevin Durant's team-switching strategies

In the most recent episode of "The Big Podcast with Shaq," the three-time Most Valuable Player of the Finals was engaged in a heated conversation with his cousin Ken Bailey Jr. to discuss the game.

 Shaquille O'Neal, in no uncertain terms, denied any analogies between himself and Kevin Durant, highlighting the reasons why he did not have the same trajectory as 'The Slim Reaper' to become the winner of any of his four NBA titles.

Shaq on the ways in which his approach and Durant's approach were different. In his clarification, Ken stated that he was not making a direct comparison between Shaq and Durant. 

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However, he did stress Shaq's participation in the formation of super teams and his regular presence in the company of superstars.

Diesel responded by stating that he had acted in accordance with the rules of the system and provided an explanation for the reasons why fans disapproved of Durant's decision to join a super squad in the Warriors.

"The beef that people have with KD is that - you were up 3-1 versus a team," according to Ken. "You lose that series to a team then you join the team."

The two-time scoring champion expounded on his statement, highlighting his strategy of enticing players who were looking for a change from their present organization rather than Durant, who joined forces.

In the past, the 15-time All-Star player stated his disapproval of the concept of assembling superteams while he was appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

He emphasised that his approach was based in an age in which the emphasis was placed on defeating the greatest rather than joining up with other great players.

O'Neal may have had Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade at his side in each of his championship victories, but at that point in time, neither of them had established themselves as superstars.

 Looking at the championships that O'Neal won, you will see that they were all players.

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