Doctors Want You to Stop 11 Bad Health Habits

Holding your pee

If you block it, the stream stagnates, allowing germs to proliferate in the bladder and maybe return upstream to the kidneys. Keeping it running reduces infection.”

Constant gum chewing

“Overuse of those joints can cause arthritis, clicking, and pain.” The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases indicates that swallowing too much air might cause stomach distress.

Biting nails

Chewing your nails is another bad anxious behavior. Biting nails can cause paronychia, which causes nail damage and skin infection

Skipping brushing or flossing

Skipping a brushing or flossing is worse than you believe, especially if you do it often. Dr. Fowler believes skipping brushing or flossing is the largest oral decay risk.

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Daylong computer use

Computer vision syndrome can occur from the average American worker spending seven hours at a computer screen, according to the American Optometric

Sitting too long

Sitting all day, like looking at a screen, is unhealthy. Dr. Ansari believes sitting causes weight gain, diabetes, and high blood pressure as a chronic activity. 


Slouching, whether sitting or standing, is unhealthy. Because our heads are heavy compared to the rest of our bodies, bending over exerts a lot of leverage on the neck, which can cause tension headaches

One-shouldering a hefty bag

 Carrying large goods on one side disturbs the angle of your neck, which can put strain on the nerves that supply arm feeling. 

Wearing inappropriate shoes

 Footwear affects feet, knees, hips, and back health. High heels predispose women to bunions, Achilles tendon strain, and other issues since we weren't made for them.

Not using sunscreen everywhere

Sunblock protects against the sun's damaging rays, although it's tempting to apply it quickly and neglect some spots. The face, trunk, hands, and feet.

An irregular sleep pattern

Staying up late or engaging in other negative sleep habits can harm our bodies, which need good sleep. “Those with irregular bedtimes, watching TV and dozing off.

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