Broncos: Sean Payton's drastic move attempts to make Russell Wilson a Drew Brees.

Russell Wilson's newest move by Sean Payton shows that the Denver Broncos are eager for him to follow in Drew Brees' footsteps.

The Denver Broncos hired Sean Payton in the hopes that he would turn quarterback Russell Wilson into a protege of Drew Brees. 

Recent weeks have not been ideal for Denver's football team. Through a sensational transaction with the Seattle Seahawks in 2022, they were able to acquire Russell Wilson. 

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That is why they decided to sign Sean Payton last year. The front management is eager for this relationship to flourish after their first season did not meet expectations.

There were whispers that the Broncos were contemplating trading Wilson after the 2023 season. Nonetheless, new information suggests they are leaning toward giving him another go this year.

Pete Carmichael Jr. will reportedly join the Broncos for the 2024 season, as reported by The Times-Picayune. During the New Orleans Saints' Super Bowl XLIV triumph with quarterback Drew Brees

It is not expected that Carmichael will be joining the cast as the OC. There have been rumors that Carmichael will take on the job of assistant coach under Payton, replacing Joe Lombardi as the head coach of the offense.

This offseason, the Broncos will need to address a major issue. Russell Wilson's struggles with the AFC West club have sparked speculation that he may play for a different club in the upcoming season.

Uncertainty, however, surrounds Payton's choice to bring in Carmichael. It has been suggested that Carmichael's presence might lead to comparable success with Russell Wilson.

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