America's Top 10 Must-Visit Steakhouse Destinations

Peter Luger Steak House (New York City):  A legendary institution known for its aged steaks and old-world charm, a quintessential NYC experience.

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse (Chicago):  A Windy City staple, offering USDA Prime steaks and a lively atmosphere in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

Bern's Steak House (Tampa, Florida):  Renowned for its extensive wine list and perfectly aged steaks, a gastronomic haven in the Sunshine State.

St. Elmo Steak House (Indianapolis):  Famous for its signature shrimp cocktail and flavorful steaks, a classic gem in the heart of Indiana.

Manny's Steakhouse (Minneapolis):  Known for its USDA-certified, dry-aged beef and impeccable service, a Twin Cities favorite since 1988.


Alexander's Steakhouse (San Francisco):  Blending traditional steakhouse fare with Japanese influences, offering a unique dining experience in the Bay Area.

Prime 112 (Miami Beach, Florida):  A hotspot for celebrities and food enthusiasts alike, serving up prime cuts in an upscale Miami ambiance.

Doe's Eat Place (Greenville, Mississippi):  A Southern institution famed for its no-frills ambiance and mouthwatering steaks, a true taste of the South.

Keens Steakhouse (New York City):  Known for its historic atmosphere and massive mutton chops, a beloved NYC landmark since 1885.

Bob's Steak & Chop House (Dallas):  Offering perfectly cooked steaks and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, a Lone Star State favorite for meat lovers.