A Hero's Farewell : MSP Trooper

Precision Driving Unit: – MSP is renowned for its Precision Driving Unit, which trains troopers in advanced driving techniques. This unit not only specializes in high-speed pursuits but also showcases precision driving skills in public events and competitions

Motor Carrier Division: – With a focus on ensuring highway safety, MSP's Motor Carrier Division is responsible for overseeing commercial vehicles, enforcing regulations, and conducting inspections.

Canine Unit Expertise: – The MSP Canine Unit is highly regarded for its expertise in various fields, including narcotics detection, search and rescue, and explosive detection.

Great Lakes Operations Center: – The MSP operates the Great Lakes Operations Center (GLOC), a state-of-the-art facility that serves as the hub for intelligence, emergency management

Forensic Science Division: – MSP's Forensic Science Division is equipped with cutting-edge technology for crime scene analysis, DNA testing, and forensic investigations


Community Service Troopers: – Recognizing the importance of community engagement, MSP has Community Service Troopers who work closely with local residents and organizations.

Historic Training Academy: – The MSP Training Academy, established in 1921, has a rich tradition of shaping law enforcement professionals. With its historic architecture and commitment to excellence in training