8 Items Best Kept Away From Your Fridge's Summit

Bread and Pastries:  Storing these on top of the fridge exposes them to heat, causing them to dry out faster and lose freshness.

Potatoes and Onions:  The warmth from the fridge's motor can cause these root vegetables to sprout prematurely and spoil more quickly.

Canned Goods:  While convenient, storing cans on top of the fridge can expose them to temperature fluctuations, potentially affecting their shelf life and quality.

Wine and Liquor Bottles:  Heat from the fridge's motor can alter the flavor and composition of alcoholic beverages, compromising their taste.


Cooking Oils:  Exposure to heat can cause oils to go rancid more quickly, so it's best to store them in a cool, dark place away from the fridge's warmth.

Delicate Appliances:  Avoid placing small appliances like toasters or blenders on top of the fridge, as vibrations from the motor can cause them to shake or fall.

Fragile Items:  Items like glassware or delicate decorations are at risk of falling and breaking if placed on top of the fridge, especially if it's in a high-traffic area.

Heavy Items:  The top of the fridge isn't designed to hold heavy objects, so avoid placing items like large pots or heavy kitchen equipment there to prevent damage or accidents.