13 Little Habits That Reveal Your Personality

How you walk

The online program Body Language for Leaders founder Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD, advises walking this manner for a huge personality reveal. 

Your handshake

Patrick Wanis, PhD, a human behavior specialist and author who has designed many online psychological, behavioral, and personality exams, says your handshake says a lot about you in a few seconds.

Your email etiquette

You may learn from your coworker's emails. Our email identity and real-life character are linked, says Dr. Adams. Studies have linked particular terms to important attributes.

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Nervous tics

Nail biter or skin picker? Scientists call these "body-focused repetitive behaviors" tangible expressions of your inner mood. 


Dr. Adams thinks arriving early, on time, or late reveals your personality, manners, and motivations. Punctual individuals are rule-followers and people-pleasers.

Your eating habits

You are what you eat—and how you eat, says Goman. Your diet, favorite foods, eating times, amount, and mannerisms reveal your personality. Fast eaters are impatient and ambitious

 Color of your clothes

Researchers discovered that those who wore vividly colored clothes and luxury accessories were more insecure, had low self-esteem, and were less real.

Your shopping habits

According to a 2022 Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services research, shopaholics are more likely to be hedonistic, outgoing, impulsive, receptive to new experiences, and maybe neurotic.

Your selfie frequency

To explore the relationship between social media accounts and personality, researchers sent college students two surveys: one on selfie-posting and one on personality. 

What you drink

Consider the impact of your drink choices on your personality, as shown by a 2021 research in Personality & Individual Differences.

Rejecting compliments

Deflecting, disputing, explaining, or invalidating a compliment may make you feel modest and proud. According to Dr. Adams, this suggests poor self-esteem, imposter syndrome, and insecurity.

Checking your reflection often

Do you routinely check your makeup on your camera app, smooth your clothing, straighten your jewelry, or look at window reflections? 

Checking your reflection often

Wanis depicts perfectionists, uptight, nervous people who change their outfits and physique.

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