10 Hidden Gems for Travelers in Indiana

Majestic Indianapolis: Discover the charm of Indiana's capital city, Indianapolis, with its iconic monuments, vibrant cultural scene, and renowned sporting events.

Enchanting Indiana Dunes:  Explore the stunning landscapes of the Indiana Dunes National Park, where sandy beaches, rugged dunes, and lush forests await nature lovers.

Historic French Lick:  Step back in time in French Lick, a historic town known for its grand resorts, scenic golf courses, and mineral springs with healing properties.

Quaint Brown County:  Experience the artistic allure of Brown County, where quaint villages, scenic drives, and art galleries nestled in the rolling hills offer a peaceful retreat.

Amish Country: Immerse yourself in the simplicity and charm of Indiana's Amish Country, where picturesque farms, homemade goods, and horse-drawn buggies dot the landscape.


Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Feel the adrenaline rush at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home to the legendary Indy 500 and the renowned Hall of Fame Museum.

Picturesque Bloomington:  Discover the vibrant college town of Bloomington, boasting beautiful gardens, eclectic dining, and a thriving arts scene anchored by Indiana University.

Serene Hoosier National Forest:  Escape to the tranquility of Hoosier National Forest, where lush woodlands, scenic trails, and abundant wildlife offer endless outdoor adventures.

Cultural South Bend:  Delve into South Bend's cultural heritage with visits to historic sites like the University of Notre Dame, Studebaker National Museum, and Potawatomi Zoo.

Hidden Gem Columbus:  Uncover the architectural gems of Columbus, Indiana, renowned for its impressive collection of modernist buildings designed by renowned architects.