10 Gaslighting Phrases That Could Damage Relationships

You're just being too sensitive This phrase is a classic gaslighting tactic used to dismiss the other person's emotions and invalidate their feelings. It suggests that the person's reaction is disproportionate or unwarranted, making them doubt their own emotional responses.

I never said that Gaslighters often deny saying or doing things, causing the other person to question their memory and perception of events. By denying their words or actions, gaslighters manipulate the other person into doubting their own recollection of past conversations or incidents.

You're overreacting Similar to the first point, this phrase undermines the validity of the other person's emotions. It suggests that their reaction is exaggerated or unreasonable, leading them to question the appropriateness of their feelings.

You're imagining things Gaslighters use this phrase to make the other person doubt their perception of reality. By invalidating their observations or experiences, gaslighters create confusion and self-doubt in the other person's mind.

You're just paranoid Accusing someone of being paranoid is a way to dismiss their concerns and make them feel irrational. Gaslighters use this phrase to undermine the other person's trust in their own judgment and intuition.


You're too emotional This phrase is often used to belittle the other person's feelings and reactions. Gaslighters suggest that the person's emotions are excessive or unwarranted, making them doubt their own emotional responses.

You're just trying to start a fight Gaslighters use this phrase to deflect responsibility and blame onto the other person. By accusing them of provoking conflict, gaslighters manipulate the situation and avoid addressing their own behavior.

You're just trying to manipulate me Gaslighters flip the script by accusing the other person of gaslighting. This tactic confuses and disorients the victim, making them doubt their intentions and motives.

You're crazy Gaslighters resort to name-calling to undermine the other person's self-esteem and sanity. By labeling them as "crazy," gaslighters manipulate the person into questioning their own mental stability.

You're making a big deal out of nothing This phrase minimizes the other person's concerns and emotions. Gaslighters dismiss the significance of the issue, making the person doubt the validity of their feelings and reactions.