10 Freezer Items You Really Need to Get Rid Of

Freezer-Burned Veggies

Frozen veggies last how long? Throw it away if it has ice pieces. You can store vegetables for three months or less if you see freezer burn.

Smelly Ice Cubes

There's nothing like drinking icy water and tasting the garlic you froze last week. It's impossible to remove ice cubes' bad smell.

Ignored Freezer Meals

You have nutritious freezer dinners! Planning ahead is wonderful, but don't overdo meal prep. Eat frozen meals within three months. 

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Stale Coffee Beans

Freezing ground coffee keeps it fresh, but watch how long it's been there. Use coffee beans within three months since they collect moisture, flavors, and scents.

Thawed Meat

We appreciate having chicken freezer dinners on hectic weeknights. However, discard thawed chicken to avoid salmonella and other pathogens.

Freezer-Burned Meat

Freezer burn will dry and flavorless meat over time. If the package has little ice crystals or you can't recall how long the meat has been frozen, throw it out. 

Old Deli Meat

Deli meat is convenient but degrades rapidly. Fortunately, deli meat can be frozen. Despite thorough preparation, it can only be frozen for two months.

Cream-filled pastries

After creating a delicious cheese Danish from scratch, you don't want to waste the leftovers. Pastries and other cheese or creamy desserts don't freeze well; throw them out after a month.

Unrecognizable Leftovers

As leftovers won't survive forever in the freezer, we love finding new ways to use them. Most leftovers freeze well for two to six months. 

Old Ice Cream

Most of us don't have ice cream last too long, but others with stronger self-control may. Ice cream older than three to four months should be thrown out. 

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